A New Normal – returning to our roots

There seems to be a lot of yearning for things to go back to “normal,” but if you recall – normal wasn’t really working for us. Normal was overscheduling, and overcommitting every second of every day. Normal was consuming more than we need and, really more than we even want. Normal was prioritizing our inbox over our family. Normal was to turn a blind eye to the fact that our choices impact everyone. Really, normal was to take for granted. Normal was exhausting…

In the week prior to the studio having to close I had just told the team that I was going to need to take a few mental health days, and as soon as all of this hit I forgot all about the time off I had felt like I needed. There was a big part of me that wanted to put my head down and act as if business was as usual. I wanted to work right though the uncertainty because I didn’t want to face the emotions of anger/resentment/fear/anxiety/grief/etc. that are whispering to my heart or, the unproductive thoughts ruminating in my mind.

We’ve been given an opportunity to collectively decide what aspects of “normal” we want to go back to, and to build a better future. How many cultures got a chance to essentially hit the pause button and consider if a new way of life would be more productive?

Let’s dream big – let’s consider the most powerful way we could re-assimilate to “normal” life. Let’s design our lives so that self-care is the foundation that everything else is built upon instead of just a Band-Aid for when things feel like they are falling apart. Right now my day is structured around a very simple self-care checklist that has helped me to feel productive, and nourishes me on a few levels:

  • Did I do something for my body?
  • Did I do something for my mind?
  • Did I do something to improve my environment?
  • Did I do something for someone else?

Normal, A New Normal – returning to our rootsLikely, this situation is going to change us, and the world moving forward. We are going to relate to life differently than before – we may as well let it be of our own design. Let’s prioritize health and wellness, take an active role in our children’s education, and make a point to call the people that we love just to check in. It’s time that we take the responsibility to consume only what we need, to make our supply chain local, and to become more self-sustaining. In the last couple of weeks I’ve learned that I’m personally capable of making my own brown sugar, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant spray with ingredients I had at the house already! We have lost sight of what we are capable of creating, and the surge of empowerment that comes along with that.

Outlaws, I implore you to make the boldest choice you could possibly make right now. Since we can’t go outside – go within. Go within, and take a good look – it is only from that place of honesty that we can start to heal ourselves, and in turn heal the world. If we are going crazy spending so much time with ourselves, it’s probably time to figure out why. In the stillness and simplicity I’ve found my thoughts going to challenges that I thought I had resolved, but it turns out that I had just shoved those feelings down, and numbed those emotions with busyness, distraction, and alcohol.

Normal, A New Normal – returning to our roots

Please be mindful of your consumption there – alcohol is a depressant that steals our presence, and dulls our senses. Newsweek reported that American alcohol sales are up at least 55% from the same time period last year. We need to keep our wits about us, and maintain our ability to think clearly for ourselves with the media spoon-feeding us our daily dose of fear.

Return to your roots, to the core of who you are so that when we emerge from this challenge we can rise with integrity.

The next time we find ourselves at a ball game, at our favorite restaurant, or in a studio full of yogis I think that we will experience that moment touched with a bit of magic because we won’t take it for granted. For now, be grateful for the simplicity present in your life, for the people on the frontlines fighting for our wellbeing, and for this chance to change.

Megan Coignard came to her first yoga class trapped in years of anxiety and insecurity. Presented with a new sense of possibility, she realized that wellness comes from within, from a commitment to feeling good, not looking good. She made a difficult choice for disciplined mindfulness, to accept herself, to find contentment, and even joy with exactly where she is. In allowing for this inward connection to self for the first time, she felt worthy of connecting to others. It was this connection in conjunction with her commitment to living her yoga that has set her free. Take her classes online on the Outlaw Yoga Club, or in the members only facebook group by joining our virtual membership until the Outlaw Yoga Littleton studio can reopen.