About Outlaw Yoga


Welcome to the outlaw yoga flagship studio!

We’re honored to share this beautiful space with you in the heart of downtown Littleton. As you step into the studio, we invite you to make yourself at home – have a seat on the big white couch and make a new friend – don’t worry, the yoga will come soon enough. It’s our intention that you leave each class having taken one step closer to unleashing your inner Outlaw! We provide a safe, welcoming and FUN environment to practice in, and our highly-qualified and knowledgeable teachers will help guide you through the experience. We have classes for ALL levels, including LIVE music, Beginner, Gentle Flow, Restore, Meditation, Kid’s yoga, and more.


A revolution in consciousness, Outlaw Yoga is a revolutionary power yoga community. It is a technically simple and physically challenging way to practice a new way of being on and off the mat. Outlaw Yoga is a powerful, bold, and fun discipline that includes community at its core. Outlaw Yogais a movement to bring yoga to the people – ALL people.